We strive to be "good, fast, and cheap..." as the old adage says: "pick two."

Few printers can be all things to every customer all the time; we're nimble enough to fit the majority of your needs when you need it. We're fast when speed counts, high-end when quality is key, and budget-conscious when cost matters. We treat any project—digital or offset, large or small—with the consideration that a professional print job deserves.

We're small and versatile. We work fast and efficiently enough to fill the space between large and small shops. We use small presses for short runs, large presses for long runs, and digital presses to fill in the gaps. We're skilled in dealing with novices and professionals alike: we can talk shop without talking down to customers. We don't have minimum quantities, we don't volley your order back-and-forth through multiple departments—the person who takes your order will have their eyes on your job from start to finish. If it's too big for the copy shop but too small to shop multinational printers, it's perfect for us.

We're local. Paper weight adds up fast, and you can't outsource printing across the country without factoring in freight costs. With a local printer, you can drop by to see proofs and stay in touch throughout the entire production run. It's up to us to accurately evaluate your expectations so we make sure we're delivering what you want—there should be no surprises when your job is delivered.

We're talented. We're a group of creative people who work well together and value the relationships we've formed with our customers—we love print and enjoy a challenge. We blend old- and new-school approaches to find solutions for your projects. We have customers with print-ready art that provide every detail down to ink color and paper weight, and we have customers who bring us a rough idea and trust us to fill in the blanks. Whether you have a completed project or a fleshed-out idea in need of some finishing, we can help.

We strive to constantly improve and innovate. We regularly audit our production line for quality control. We are on the lookout for new equipment that will improve our quality, expand our capabilities, and lower our setup costs. We've been experimenting with 3D-printed formes in letterpress prints. We've tested non-paper substrates, including synthetic paper, plastic sheets, and canvas. We are always on the lookout for a better way—a simpler solution, a lower price, better sustainability, a higher quality product.

We’re proud of our history. Formerly Thompson Printing, we’ve been printing beautiful work since 1976. Our commitment to do the best for our clients, new or old, has never changed.

Simply put, it's our job to make you look good.